Board of Directors

The JJC Executive Board meets on a monthly basis, the second Tuesday of every month. As noted in the description of the Council, each office listed in the statute must be represented at these meetings.

Rachele Conant, Public Defender, Chair

Joseph McMahon, State’s Attorney

Judge Clint Hull, Chief Judge

Judge Kathryn Karayannis, Presiding Judge of Juvenile Division

Judge Sandra Parga, Juvenile Delinquency Court Judge

Lisa Aust, Director of Court Services

Patricia Dal Santo, Regional Superintendent

Ron Hain, Sheriff

Susan Starrett, representative from the Kane County Board

Patrick McCarthy, representative from Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office

LaTanya Hill, representative from Court Services

Kristen Lohrstorfer, representative from the Juvenile Officers Association

Josh Axelsen, representative from the Regional Office of Education

Mike Doyen, representative from Kane County Bar Association

Commander Eric Majewski, representative from Kane County Chiefs of Police Association

Commander Mike Frieders, representative from Kane County Chiefs of Police Association