Core Values

  1. Collaboration: Partnering with and supporting service providers in order to increase the effectiveness of services through shared information.
  2. Prevention: Utilizing early identification and diversion programs in order to avert youth from becoming involved in the justice system and increase their abilities to be successful.
  3. Evaluation: Assessing current system practices and programs within the community in order to ensure an effective juvenile justice system.
  4. Compassion: Decisions are made with the best interest of both the youth and the community as priorities.
  5. Cultural Responsivity: Ensuring that all people are treated fairly and have access to services with the least amount of barriers.
  6. Education: Increasing awareness within the community of the efforts of the Council, as well as providing community education on juvenile justice issues.
  7. Accountability: Requiring commitment from its members to actively participate and continuously monitor progress of the goals.