Dating Violence

What is Teen Dating Violence?

Teen dating violence is a pattern of controlling behaviors by one teenager over another teenager with whom they are in a dating relationship.

The violence can happen over time and one may not even realize the behavior is abusive.

Behavior can include:

  • Emotional abuse – Embarrassing the person in front of others, calling a person names
  • Physical abuse – Physically hurting someone, preventing a person from leaving a location
  • Sexual abuse – Forcing someone to have sex, not allowing someone to use birth control
  • Limiting independence – Telling someone what to do, giving a person rules to follow
  • Isolation – Not allowing someone to see their friends
  • Threats – To leave someone or hurt them
  • Intimidation – Making a person afraid with a look
  • Harassment – Texting someone frequently, spying
  • Minimization, denial & blame- Telling a person that their fears are all in their head