Mental Health First Aid for Public Safety Registration

























Register: October 26, 2018 – Kane County Sheriff’s Department

The Juvenile Justice Council is hosting 3 separate Mental Health First Trainings for law enforcement officers in Kane County. Funding has been provided so that this training can be offered at no cost to officers.

A one day-8 hour course, Mental Health First Aid USA introduces students to skills, resources, and knowledge needed to assist individuals in crisis.  Attendees are provided with an overview of mental health risk factors and warning signs to increase understanding.  This version in particular is taught specifically to police, first responders, corrections officers, 911 dispatch staff, firefighters, and other public safety audiences.  In providing a better understanding of mental illness and offering more response options for deescalating incidents, participants will become more equipped to manage calls that involves a mental health related crisis.

PLEASE NOTE:  Upon completion of the course and a written examination, participants will be certified in Mental Health First Aid.  Certifications are effective for 3 years.

The training is being offered through NEMRT so that officers will receive training credit; it does fulfill state mandated training criteria, including the 8 hour mental health awareness training mandate.

If you have any questions, please contact the JJC coordinator at